Day twenty-nine: Pluto in Capricorn (2)


Many have recently commented on what is lining up for us in 2020 with the rare conjunction of Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto which takes place in the sign of Capricorn.

Having listened to a number of talks about this event, a couple of key features emerge. One is to do with the beginning of new cycles (of Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto). Another is to do with the question of the lengthy transit of Capricorn itself by our Plutonian companion.

Pluto has a 248-year orbit, so it is easy to see that the last Pluto transit of Capricorn began in February 1762.  I note that the American Revolutionary war ran from 19 Apr 1775 – 3 Sep 1783, with the birth chart of the United States being drawn up on July 4th, 1776. If the French Revolution began in 1789, the revolution was, of course, something fermenting all over France in the decades leading up to this momentous event (see for example Simon Schama’s account of the Revolution in his book Citizens).

In drawing attention to these dates I am not searching for convenient correlations with revolutionary instants in modern history. The deeper feature of Pluto transiting Capricorn is in the dissolution of structure. From this perspective, it is interesting that the Declaration of Independence takes place with Pluto at the 27th degree of Capricorn. By the time the storming of the Bastille takes place in Paris, Pluto is already transiting Aquarius (liberty and freedom).

I believe that these two events, which follow the path of Plutonic dissolution, give us more of a flavour of what is to come than, let’s say, apocalyptic visions of international war-mongering associated with certain rather volatile world leaders where Rule is by Tweet rather than by Diplomacy.

The birthing of America — beyond its immediate consequences for the 13 colonies — has had huge and vast repercussions for the world in the creation of a super-power that would indeed influence and affect human destiny in powerful and far-reaching ways. I’m making no value judgements when I write this. Another side of this is that America is, now approaching its Pluto-return, which will doubtless have many consequences for both America and the world.

The French Revolution, with Pluto firmly in Aquarius, clearly fanned the flames of freedom in Europe and brought to its end an entire political system of God-given monarchy, so transforming the political landscape. Britain itself was close to revolution too, at this time, with many British intellectuals (the Godwins and Mary Shelley to name but a few) closely following what was happening in Paris. Fears of a revolution were rife on this side of the channel too!

The French Revolution represents a clear dissolution of structures, one with far-reaching consequences as the First French Republic was born and a European country began its first steps towards parliamentary democracy, one moving beyond the British model of the constitutional monarch who would remain sovereign but one subject to the edict of Parliament.

I will again refer you to Simon Vorster’s fascinating talk on Pluto in Capricorn to better understand the astrology. Having listened many times to this fascinating perspective, I realise that world history immediately post-1760 gives us some deep clues as to the kind of shifts that we are now experiencing and which of course began by the credit-crash of 2008-2009 when Pluto’s transit in Capricorn began.

Freeing money from the Gold Standard has allowed money itself to mutate into its own cyber-reality, bitcoin and other “virtual monies” are continuing its evolution in this sense. Truth, in the age of fake news, is the logical outcome of post-modernism as a literary and philosophical genre in which the quest for truth mutated into the realisation that there is now no single unifying principle or philosophical unity. Knowledge and philosophy have fragmented into a patchwork of discourse, in a process documented in works by Michel Foucault (Les Mots et Les choses, translated as The order of things) and Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari (Mille Plateaux). We now look at the world from the position of multiples (like series of Andy Warhol paintings) rather than as the unique vision of any single visionary philosopher or artist.

This is the new terrain or New Paradigm and we are living this daily as we see world events transpire and unfold before us. If there is one overarching message, it is that this is a time of great potential, as indeed it was 248 years ago, during the last Plutonian transit. The choice is ours as to how we are going to work with this period*.

Pluto’s transit of Capricorn continues for another 7 years before Pluto finally moves into Aquarius in February 2024.

*Post scriptum.
In an article about the planetary nodes, Psychologist and Astrologer Mark Jones writes :

“The south nodes of Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto for all people are currently in Capricorn, with the north nodes in Cancer. […] We can see that the collective beliefs (Jupiter), primary conditioning (Saturn), and deepest psychological attachments (Pluto) of present humanity lie in the history of civilization (Capricorn) and its attempts to structure consciousness through the rise and fall of empires, patriarchy, and the dominance of nature as the foundations for the ascendancy of human civilization (Capricorn).” 

Our increasing awareness that patriarchy — and the need to dominate nature — is quite simply a choice in how we structure consciousness, is going to be a motor in the phases of human evolution to come.

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